Rural Family Care Ltd.

Rural Family Care Ltd. is a professional training institution registered in Uganda.

It is a social enterprise that empowers communities to improve their livelihoods through sustainable development. It does this by providing access to resources and tools and working with communities in an inclusive, participatory, and collaborative way.

The Skills Development Centre is one of the ways that Rural Family Care Ltd. is working to empower communities. The Center offers specialized training courses to help Ugandan youth enter the workforce with the right skillset, information, and confidence. These courses are taught by specialized facilitators.

Rural Family Care Ltd. has met the ACTD accreditation requirements in accordance with internationally recognized standards and general requirements for professional training with the ACTD standards of accreditation.
As a consequence, it has become a part of the ACTD global network of accredited institutions.

This legal entity is accredited by the American Council on Training and Development ( ACTD )

Accreditation status: valid

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