Raymedi International

Raymedi International is a professional training institution registered in India.
It is dedicated to providing world-class education and improving the basic as well as advanced skill sets of critical care practitioners, emergency physicians, and other medical and allied medical professionals through online course modules, contact classes, webinars, and other audio-visual aids.
Raymedi International is also actively involved in creating public awareness of the importance of maintaining good physical and mental health, by bringing-in subject experts and providing an online platform for them to express themselves.

Raymedi International Education Trust  has met the ACTD accreditation requirements in accordance with internationally recognized standards and general requirements for professional training with the ACTD standards of accreditation.
As a consequence, it has become a part of the ACTD global network of accredited institutions.

This legal entity is accredited by the American Council on Training and Development ( ACTD )

Accreditation status: valid

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