Programs and courses Accreditation Services
( This service is only available to institutes accredited by ACTD) 

Our accreditation services are the process by which the professional training program in various fields is evaluated in accordance with the standards set by ACTD.
When we verify that the training program complies with these standards, our accreditation for the program certificates is granted.
The accreditation process aims to prove that the training program obtained has met the international standards set by us, which leads to an increase in the credibility of the training program by providing ACTD monitoring.
ACTD must accept a training program or training material before it can be accredited. This approval indicates that the training is of exceptionally high quality and that the learner will gain new skills due to the training.
One of the most significant advantages of accredited training by ACTD is your students’ opportunity to earn credentials. Needless to say, these can be a huge motivator for your learners because it’s evident that the training is beneficial to them.

Using ACTD accredited training also ensures that your program receives external quality assurance.
Before any certificates are issued, your students must be evaluated against the ACTD accrediting criteria. You can be confident that you’re effectively developing your learners’ skill sets if they’re satisfied with these assessments.
ACTD can sponsor and supervise training programs in different fields. And issue certificates of completion and completion of training programs that meet our training standards. It is also possible to sponsor complete professional programs with multiple stages.
The issuance of the program certificate by ACTD means that this program has a state certificate, leading to an increase in the value of the program and an increase in the professional value of the trainees and participants in it.

( This service is only available to institutes accredited by ACTD) 

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